Days 19-21 (CATSKILLS! nature + stuff)

This weekend, the ladies (+ Chris) and I packed up our rental car, busted out of NYC and drove up to the Catskills. A few weeks ago, we were fantasizing (via about our end of the year road trip before we go our separate ways, then suddenly we had booked a house for this weekend!

Friday at 3, we set off and were stuck in traffic for what felt like our entire adolescence, then finally reached Roscoe (the smallest town I’ve been in which is saying something). Brett and Judy (our kind and pretty out there hosts) showed us around the place. Our weekend was full with hikes, beautiful drives and sight seeing, delicious home cooked meals, and some good ol’ games of Hearts and Scrabble.

This morning I did my long run. It was the complete opposite experience that I usually have running in the city. I could look around and see for miles–up un the mountains and ahead of me down the road. It was weird because I could see so far ahead that it didn’t feel like I was going fast or far. And the whole ~hour or so that I was running, only about 10 cars drove by. I genuinely felt alone with the many creeks babbling under the bridges and the dogs barking at me from the porches. Kind of weirdly transcendental. BUT I think I pushed myself too hard the first half, because the last 2 miles or so was a super strug fest. Seeing the red table cloth that Brett and Judy put over their mail box was truly like staring God in the face.

Day 19 (Friday): Rest! Also leg + butt cramps in the 5 hour car ride

Day 20 (Saturday): Technically supposed to be the long run, but we went for a nice long hike so I postponed the run. yolo.

Day 21 (Sunday): 6 miles this morning upstate! Like I said, pretty spicy. Pretty hot. uper heavy breathing. The best part of the run, I’d say, was the one person who I saw out there the whole time, running on the opposite side of the road in the other direction. The first time we passed each other, I waved and he said “Thanks for the company!” We passed each other again when I was on my way back to the house– I asked him the time, and he told me I was doing a kickass job.

Then this afternoon, I played tennis with some friends. I think we all know that at this point tomorrow my body will be paralyzed.
Oh well!

I'm obsessed with the decor.

I’m obsessed with the decor.


Our house!

Our house!

IMG_2909 IMG_2890 IMG_2922

Pepacton Resevoir

Pepacton Resevoir

Serious stone skipping

Serious stone skipping

Our backyard

Our backyard

Hasta mañana, hakuna matata,

❤ caitlin


Days 14-18 (grasping for anything exciting)

There’s really not that much exciting or eventful news to update the internet on, so here’s what I’ve been up to:

Sunday (day 14): I spent the day from 7-3 giving campus tours and walking up and down stirs to show admitted students our residence halls after 5 hours of sleep after my trip to Boston and 5 miles, so needless to say I passed out at 3. I thereby deemed my tours + stair climbing cross-training.

Monday (Day 15): Worked night hours where we ended up doing some serious heavy lifting but then celebrating with delicious food (including vegan chocolate coconut ganola magical delicious bars), then went for a night run. 2 Monday miles!

Tuesday (Day 16): Skipped the second half of my film class for my intramural volleyball semi-finals (because yolo). Ran my 3 miles beforehand, then played the best game of our intramural season! Yes, we lost in the 3rd by 2 points, but the math graduate students we were playing against were tall and terrifying, and we managed to hold our own. And my forearms haven’t felt that pain since high school, so I’d call it a success.

Wednesday (Day 17): Went to REI with my roommates to buy hiking guidebooks for our trip this weekend to the Catskills! I have discovered my dream home location: inside REI. It’s like everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. All the hiking and camping and overall outdoorsy gear you could dream of. And all the men that shop there are mountain men, which I didn’t even realized existed in NYC. And then I finished the day with some cross-training on the elliptical at the gym. My best frienemy.

Thursday (today) (Day 18): Ran my 3 miles (more like 3.5, had to make it home!) on this beautiful day, but for the first time I’m starting to feel like I may have pulled something. My left calf muscle is really tight and when I flex my foot, it’s almost charlie horse status. Pray for me and my calf and their recovery for my long run on Saturday!


Currently watching: Survivor. My family has gotten me addicted.

Just finished: The Office “Paper Airplanes.” JIM + PAM 4EVER

Tomorrow’s plan: Off to the Catskills for the weekend with my girls! (and Chris). A couple days of hiking, waterfall watching, relaxation, and fresh air.


Much love,


Days 12 + 13 (America’s Fav Commonwealth)

Shout out to the Boston Police Department and everyone who had anything to do with finding and apprehending the Boston bombing suspect. A lot of my friends and family were rattled with fear and trapped in their homes and hotels yesterday, and I know everyone sighed the *hugest* breaht of relief when we heard the news late last night that he had been found.

I was lucky enough to be with my family back in MA, not in Boston but about 30 minutes outside the city. This year’s the big 8-0 for my grandpa, so the whole family travelled into town for the Bruins game. Unfortunately, the game scheduled for yesterday was postponed, but we were all still able to make it today and had a bear of a time (lol get it? bruins are bears!). AND there was vegan cake. Chocolate vegan cake. I was a happy girl.


Friday: Yesterday was my rest day which was good, because I was travellin’ with my bff Mr. Greyhound. Dinner last night was fun because my aunt and I trekked out to TJ’s (another one of my best friends ) (aka Trader Joe’s.), got their *amazing* vegan cheese shreds and made homemade pizza. She tosses that pizza dough like no one I’ve ever seen.

Saturday’s workout: 5 miles!

Upon my arrival back in the city tonight at 9:00, I set off on my long run of the week – 5 miles! It was a “transcendental experience”, as my girl Erin calls it, running by the river at night. And it felt so good! After a hectic 24 hours, 10 of which were spent on a bus, I was ready to get my blood pumpin’.

And here I am, submitting homework at midnight on a Saturday, and blogging. Believe it or not, I love my life, my friends, my family, and my vegan pizza.


Boston strong!!!!

❤ Caitlin

Days 8-11 (fyi this is only a little bit relevant to the overall purpose of the blog)

So it appears as though I have not updated this blog in… 4 days!

Highlights of this week:

  • I’m officially registered for my half-marathon! It’s in CT on June 23rd, which means I’ll actually only have 11 weeks to complete the training but we’ll cross that bridge once we get a little closer to it.
  • Running 3 miles is a totally yolo feat, as in “no big thang.”
  • I got some life-changing iPhone apps:

>>>>> 1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. I don’t even know how to adequately describe how epic it is. Just get it. 2. Nike+ running, because mapmyrun wasn’t cool enough anymore. 3. CharityMiles. It legit just donates $$$ oto a charity of your choosing based on how far you run, and the app is free!

  • My paper on masculinity in the Star Wars franchise is done, but that’s about the only positive thing I can say about it.
  • Monday was a really rattling day in Boston.

I got the NYTimes alert when I was walking home from lunch: “Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.” At first, I thought it was a metaphor about awesome running, but then I realized that nytimes does not give alerts about metaphors. My second thought was holy crap, a lot of my friends are there. Tons of my friends go to school in Boston or in the surrounding area, and I have a lot of really cool runner friends. The first people that came to mind were my bff and her boyfriend–he was running it, and she was at the finish line waiting for him. I turned on the news and watched in fear with my roommate, texting my friends, and breathing a little more each one of them told me they were ok.

While this whole situation is terrible and revolting and makes me want to cry, it does remind me of a beautifully silver lining. Thinking about those 2 (or more) horrible people who took advantage of a vulnerable situation that would otherwise be the highlight of many peoples’ lives just makes me so incredible grateful and awe stricken by the amazing, altruistic and gracious people in my life and the world. There are so many people around me, not even 20 years old, who are dedicating their lives to making positive changes to the world, improving it not for their own sake but for the benefit of humanity. And that is something that 1 or 2 or even hundreds of evil people can’t undo. Because the fact of the matter is, good can always heal form the repercussions of evil. There’s a reason that the parable goes that a phoenix rises from the ashes of death rather than something evil spawning from peace. As we saw after 9/11 and so many countless tragedies that our nation has had the misfortune of facing, it’s the *good * in us that is revealed, our humanity aligning with one another and helping to heal us to a stronger place than before.

I thank God for the admirable people I’ve had the fortune to share a life with and know that their good will always be stronger than the evil out there, and for that I am beyond grateful.


Somewhat related: Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete wrote this k.a. post about being a runner in the days after this tragedy. It’s just another reason I’m happy to be joining this sweet running community



Monday = 2 miles. The only interesting thing about this was that I ran before class but didn’t have time to shower so I may have smelled bad in my Food Systems class. Sorry guys.

Tuesday = 3 miles. Listened to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which is my favorite npr program.

Wednesday = Cross-Training. Spent some qt at the gym, ellipticalling while watching the news (and Jeopardy, which i *crushed*), then did some abs until my hand started freaking out in pain. That was weird.

Today = 3 miles, which I did around 9 pm with my friend Erin! She is so much fun to run with, I barely even notice once we’ve finished.


Tomorrow is my rest day, which is convenient as I’ll be travelling to Boston! Not only do I get to have lunch with ma girl allie, but I get to see my *whole* family on my dad’s side for a Bruins game. Such a big day, I can hardly wait. And then Saturday is my long run of the week- 5 miles, which I’ll get to do at home on the Cape!

On a sad note, I’m officially out of oatmeal, so basically my life is in crisis mode.


❤ caitlin

Days 6 + 7 (One Week Down!)

What a weekend!

Training plan: Saturday = 4 miles, Sunday = cross training.

Reality: Sunday = re painting a retirement home, Sunday = 4 miles + tennis

Fortunately, the No Meat Athlete plan talks about flexibility and that as long as most days stay in the same order, the world won’t implode. Hopefully.

Day 6:

Saturday’s afternoon run ended up being rescheduled for today after I finished 5 hours of repainting a retirement home. Who knew pushing rollers with Tooth Fairy Blue paint (real color) could be so exhausting!?

Instead I took a nap, then trekked up to Union Square for a vegan potluck! Despite all the amazing vegan restaurants, cafés, and bakeries in the city, this has been my favorite night of eats by far. Who knew my friends were such talented chefs?? There was homemade cilantro salsa, tempeh stir-fry, red-wine risotto, Lebanese mjadra, fresh fruit salad, and *amazing* brown sugar acorn and butternut squash. I was in belt-busting heaven. My contributions were  mac and cheese, asparagus and mushroom quinoa, nutella rice crispy treats, and samoa bites. Laura’s place was decked out in a compilation of her mother’s care packages, from Christmas garland to Valentine’s Day bubbles to really set the mood. Not a bad way to celebrate the coming of spring time.

Day 7:

Today was my *long run* – 4 miles! While it did take me 3 hours to get off the couch and turn off “He’s Just Not That Into You,” I eventually made it out the door and over to the Hudson. It felt great! I definitely kept a bit of a slower pace than my shorter runs, but I did it without having to stop (even at cross-walks! God was looking out for me because that’s really not possible). And because it was such a beautiful day, two of my favorite people joined me on the courts for some tennis this afternoon. We are…. mediocre at best but MVP’s of positive outlooks.

Tonight, I went out to BK for dinner with my (very Italian) family to celebrate my cousin’s confirmation and if you are either a. a vegan or b. part of an Italian family (or c. both), you’ll understand. There were a lot of extended family members that I haven’t seen since I was 10, so my veganism was the hot topic of the night. There were talks of green smoothies, Montsanto, “you don’t eat *fish*??”, and “but where do you get your protein?” I’m lucky to be a part of such a great family who want to know more and don’t just laugh at me. Well they do laugh at me… but it’s with *love*, I can assure you.

Dinner was at a Thai place and I was in heaven with my mango salad and tofu, vegetable, and ginger stir fry. It was one of those meals where three bites in, I got excited about having leftovers for lunch the next because there is no way on earth I’d finish it. 15 minutes later my plate is clean.

Another 2 miles tomorrow!


Today’s run playlist: npr’s Ask Me Another (Meme Me Up Scotty!)

Currently Playing: Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Currently procrastinating: Food System’s homework

And shout-out to Neil who is running the Boston Marathon tomorrow! Eat those 26.2 miles for breakfast (and maybe lunch too!)

❤ caitlin

Days 4 + 5 (Breaking the rules…)

Leave it to me to break the rules on week 1.


Today is my rest day, so I’ll take that sweet relaxation time to explain yesterday’s diversion off my training plan.

Yesterday’s workout (day 4) was supposed to be an easy 3 mile run, no problem. Usually I’ll do that in the morning before class, but my amazing and wonderful and just all around cat-tastic friend suggested to go for a fun-run. I figured we’d run about 2 miles together, so when I woke up yesterday feeling energized and alive, I decided to go out for a mile run to kick start my day


Except I felt so great out there, and the river was so pretty, and the park wasn’t full of crazy joggers, that I ended up running 5k. Whoops.

With my 3 mile workout already done, I told myself that Erin and I would just jaunt about the city casually, it would be so light in fact that one could hardly call it a run. But one thing led to another and we were out there for 35 minutes. Again, whoops!

So today, ~6 miles later, my ankles and shins are feeling a little spicy and I’m sure I’ll pay for it on tomorrow’s workout, but it was the first time where I’ve felt so good while running that I *wanted* to break the rules. Which is a pretty good excuse if you ask me.


Today’s rest day includes:

  • Work (make that $$$)
  • Schoolwork (spend that tuition $$$)
  • Church (Sisterhood night = Girl power)
  • some QT with my stove to prep for tomorrow’s vegan potluck (mac + cheeze, rice krispy treats, risotto, veg samoa bites…..)
  • Some serious r + r


Later gators,

❤ caitlin

Day 3 (The Raging Angerstorm)

Thank you, God, for waking me up this morning at 8 so I could workout bright and early. Otherwise I’d have to go tonight… which is just not an option.

Because this is what’s happening outside right now:

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 8.26.15 PM

Needless to say, I’m not going out into this raging angerstorm until my hunger pains force me to.

It was a cross-training day, so I spent some time on the elliptical (doing the “around the world” workout, which I love because I travel through Africa, to Europe, and all around Australia within 35 minutes. Clearly I’m incredibly fast.), did some ab work, and finished up on the recumbent bike with my current favorite gym read: Girl Walks Into a Bar… by Rachel Dratch. It’s like a combination of Bossypants and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) with the added bonuses of relatability and humility that the two former books lack, in my opinion, due to I think Tina and Mindy’s huge artistic and financial success. In honor of the late Roger Ebert, 2 thumbs up.

Saying a prayer that the sunshine comes out tomorrow morning for my 3 mile run! Because really, I’d rather cut off my own big toes than run on the treadmill.

Hasta mañana,

❤ Caitlin