Days 1 and 2

Yesterday was the first day of my 12 week training plan, which meant 2 miles. The timing couldn’t have been better since yesterday was also the first day I’ve been able to run outside in shorts and a t-shirt! (So naturally, I rocked my carrot No Meat Athlete shirt.)

I took an easy run over by the Hudson River, which as always was rife with joggers, bikers, and the occasional razor scooter.

Today, then, was day 2! My body decided it was time to join the rest of the world at 7:00 this morning, which was perfectly fine with me because the sun was already shining and quickly on its way to a toasty 75 degrees. And of course the moment I woke up I *needed* oatmeal. I don’t understand the idea of not loving oatmeal, let alone skipping breakfast. Every single day, my eyes open and my stomach demands oatmeal.

One bowl of oatmeal, a cup of English Breakfast, and some chia fresca later, I headed off to my 3 mile run for the day. Again, by the Hudson River (it’s my favorite what can I say!) and definitely the best way to start my day off. My shins were feeling a little spicy afterwards, which I suspect could be due to my lack of stretching after yesterday’s run. Oh well! (everyday I’m yoloing)

Also today: homemade quinoa sushi for lunch (which was beautiful until I decided to cut it with the dullest of Ikea knives… but it still tasted delicious!) and black bean brownies in the oven now. It’s a good day.

Some fun pictures from today:


Look! The sky!

Quinoa sushi!

Quinoa sushi!


Pre-Ikea knife incident



Tomorrow’s a cross-training day, so I’ll be hangin’ with my best frienemy: the elliptical.

❤ caitlin


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