Days 4 + 5 (Breaking the rules…)

Leave it to me to break the rules on week 1.


Today is my rest day, so I’ll take that sweet relaxation time to explain yesterday’s diversion off my training plan.

Yesterday’s workout (day 4) was supposed to be an easy 3 mile run, no problem. Usually I’ll do that in the morning before class, but my amazing and wonderful and just all around cat-tastic friend suggested to go for a fun-run. I figured we’d run about 2 miles together, so when I woke up yesterday feeling energized and alive, I decided to go out for a mile run to kick start my day


Except I felt so great out there, and the river was so pretty, and the park wasn’t full of crazy joggers, that I ended up running 5k. Whoops.

With my 3 mile workout already done, I told myself that Erin and I would just jaunt about the city casually, it would be so light in fact that one could hardly call it a run. But one thing led to another and we were out there for 35 minutes. Again, whoops!

So today, ~6 miles later, my ankles and shins are feeling a little spicy and I’m sure I’ll pay for it on tomorrow’s workout, but it was the first time where I’ve felt so good while running that I *wanted* to break the rules. Which is a pretty good excuse if you ask me.


Today’s rest day includes:

  • Work (make that $$$)
  • Schoolwork (spend that tuition $$$)
  • Church (Sisterhood night = Girl power)
  • some QT with my stove to prep for tomorrow’s vegan potluck (mac + cheeze, rice krispy treats, risotto, veg samoa bites…..)
  • Some serious r + r


Later gators,

❤ caitlin


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