Days 6 + 7 (One Week Down!)

What a weekend!

Training plan: Saturday = 4 miles, Sunday = cross training.

Reality: Sunday = re painting a retirement home, Sunday = 4 miles + tennis

Fortunately, the No Meat Athlete plan talks about flexibility and that as long as most days stay in the same order, the world won’t implode. Hopefully.

Day 6:

Saturday’s afternoon run ended up being rescheduled for today after I finished 5 hours of repainting a retirement home. Who knew pushing rollers with Tooth Fairy Blue paint (real color) could be so exhausting!?

Instead I took a nap, then trekked up to Union Square for a vegan potluck! Despite all the amazing vegan restaurants, cafés, and bakeries in the city, this has been my favorite night of eats by far. Who knew my friends were such talented chefs?? There was homemade cilantro salsa, tempeh stir-fry, red-wine risotto, Lebanese mjadra, fresh fruit salad, and *amazing* brown sugar acorn and butternut squash. I was in belt-busting heaven. My contributions were  mac and cheese, asparagus and mushroom quinoa, nutella rice crispy treats, and samoa bites. Laura’s place was decked out in a compilation of her mother’s care packages, from Christmas garland to Valentine’s Day bubbles to really set the mood. Not a bad way to celebrate the coming of spring time.

Day 7:

Today was my *long run* – 4 miles! While it did take me 3 hours to get off the couch and turn off “He’s Just Not That Into You,” I eventually made it out the door and over to the Hudson. It felt great! I definitely kept a bit of a slower pace than my shorter runs, but I did it without having to stop (even at cross-walks! God was looking out for me because that’s really not possible). And because it was such a beautiful day, two of my favorite people joined me on the courts for some tennis this afternoon. We are…. mediocre at best but MVP’s of positive outlooks.

Tonight, I went out to BK for dinner with my (very Italian) family to celebrate my cousin’s confirmation and if you are either a. a vegan or b. part of an Italian family (or c. both), you’ll understand. There were a lot of extended family members that I haven’t seen since I was 10, so my veganism was the hot topic of the night. There were talks of green smoothies, Montsanto, “you don’t eat *fish*??”, and “but where do you get your protein?” I’m lucky to be a part of such a great family who want to know more and don’t just laugh at me. Well they do laugh at me… but it’s with *love*, I can assure you.

Dinner was at a Thai place and I was in heaven with my mango salad and tofu, vegetable, and ginger stir fry. It was one of those meals where three bites in, I got excited about having leftovers for lunch the next because there is no way on earth I’d finish it. 15 minutes later my plate is clean.

Another 2 miles tomorrow!


Today’s run playlist: npr’s Ask Me Another (Meme Me Up Scotty!)

Currently Playing: Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Currently procrastinating: Food System’s homework

And shout-out to Neil who is running the Boston Marathon tomorrow! Eat those 26.2 miles for breakfast (and maybe lunch too!)

❤ caitlin


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