Days 8-11 (fyi this is only a little bit relevant to the overall purpose of the blog)

So it appears as though I have not updated this blog in… 4 days!

Highlights of this week:

  • I’m officially registered for my half-marathon! It’s in CT on June 23rd, which means I’ll actually only have 11 weeks to complete the training but we’ll cross that bridge once we get a little closer to it.
  • Running 3 miles is a totally yolo feat, as in “no big thang.”
  • I got some life-changing iPhone apps:

>>>>> 1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. I don’t even know how to adequately describe how epic it is. Just get it. 2. Nike+ running, because mapmyrun wasn’t cool enough anymore. 3. CharityMiles. It legit just donates $$$ oto a charity of your choosing based on how far you run, and the app is free!

  • My paper on masculinity in the Star Wars franchise is done, but that’s about the only positive thing I can say about it.
  • Monday was a really rattling day in Boston.

I got the NYTimes alert when I was walking home from lunch: “Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.” At first, I thought it was a metaphor about awesome running, but then I realized that nytimes does not give alerts about metaphors. My second thought was holy crap, a lot of my friends are there. Tons of my friends go to school in Boston or in the surrounding area, and I have a lot of really cool runner friends. The first people that came to mind were my bff and her boyfriend–he was running it, and she was at the finish line waiting for him. I turned on the news and watched in fear with my roommate, texting my friends, and breathing a little more each one of them told me they were ok.

While this whole situation is terrible and revolting and makes me want to cry, it does remind me of a beautifully silver lining. Thinking about those 2 (or more) horrible people who took advantage of a vulnerable situation that would otherwise be the highlight of many peoples’ lives just makes me so incredible grateful and awe stricken by the amazing, altruistic and gracious people in my life and the world. There are so many people around me, not even 20 years old, who are dedicating their lives to making positive changes to the world, improving it not for their own sake but for the benefit of humanity. And that is something that 1 or 2 or even hundreds of evil people can’t undo. Because the fact of the matter is, good can always heal form the repercussions of evil. There’s a reason that the parable goes that a phoenix rises from the ashes of death rather than something evil spawning from peace. As we saw after 9/11 and so many countless tragedies that our nation has had the misfortune of facing, it’s the *good * in us that is revealed, our humanity aligning with one another and helping to heal us to a stronger place than before.

I thank God for the admirable people I’ve had the fortune to share a life with and know that their good will always be stronger than the evil out there, and for that I am beyond grateful.


Somewhat related: Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete wrote this k.a. post about being a runner in the days after this tragedy. It’s just another reason I’m happy to be joining this sweet running community



Monday = 2 miles. The only interesting thing about this was that I ran before class but didn’t have time to shower so I may have smelled bad in my Food Systems class. Sorry guys.

Tuesday = 3 miles. Listened to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which is my favorite npr program.

Wednesday = Cross-Training. Spent some qt at the gym, ellipticalling while watching the news (and Jeopardy, which i *crushed*), then did some abs until my hand started freaking out in pain. That was weird.

Today = 3 miles, which I did around 9 pm with my friend Erin! She is so much fun to run with, I barely even notice once we’ve finished.


Tomorrow is my rest day, which is convenient as I’ll be travelling to Boston! Not only do I get to have lunch with ma girl allie, but I get to see my *whole* family on my dad’s side for a Bruins game. Such a big day, I can hardly wait. And then Saturday is my long run of the week- 5 miles, which I’ll get to do at home on the Cape!

On a sad note, I’m officially out of oatmeal, so basically my life is in crisis mode.


❤ caitlin


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