Days 12 + 13 (America’s Fav Commonwealth)

Shout out to the Boston Police Department and everyone who had anything to do with finding and apprehending the Boston bombing suspect. A lot of my friends and family were rattled with fear and trapped in their homes and hotels yesterday, and I know everyone sighed the *hugest* breaht of relief when we heard the news late last night that he had been found.

I was lucky enough to be with my family back in MA, not in Boston but about 30 minutes outside the city. This year’s the big 8-0 for my grandpa, so the whole family travelled into town for the Bruins game. Unfortunately, the game scheduled for yesterday was postponed, but we were all still able to make it today and had a bear of a time (lol get it? bruins are bears!). AND there was vegan cake. Chocolate vegan cake. I was a happy girl.


Friday: Yesterday was my rest day which was good, because I was travellin’ with my bff Mr. Greyhound. Dinner last night was fun because my aunt and I trekked out to TJ’s (another one of my best friends ) (aka Trader Joe’s.), got their *amazing* vegan cheese shreds and made homemade pizza. She tosses that pizza dough like no one I’ve ever seen.

Saturday’s workout: 5 miles!

Upon my arrival back in the city tonight at 9:00, I set off on my long run of the week – 5 miles! It was a “transcendental experience”, as my girl Erin calls it, running by the river at night. And it felt so good! After a hectic 24 hours, 10 of which were spent on a bus, I was ready to get my blood pumpin’.

And here I am, submitting homework at midnight on a Saturday, and blogging. Believe it or not, I love my life, my friends, my family, and my vegan pizza.


Boston strong!!!!

❤ Caitlin


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