Days 14-18 (grasping for anything exciting)

There’s really not that much exciting or eventful news to update the internet on, so here’s what I’ve been up to:

Sunday (day 14): I spent the day from 7-3 giving campus tours and walking up and down stirs to show admitted students our residence halls after 5 hours of sleep after my trip to Boston and 5 miles, so needless to say I passed out at 3. I thereby deemed my tours + stair climbing cross-training.

Monday (Day 15): Worked night hours where we ended up doing some serious heavy lifting but then celebrating with delicious food (including vegan chocolate coconut ganola magical delicious bars), then went for a night run. 2 Monday miles!

Tuesday (Day 16): Skipped the second half of my film class for my intramural volleyball semi-finals (because yolo). Ran my 3 miles beforehand, then played the best game of our intramural season! Yes, we lost in the 3rd by 2 points, but the math graduate students we were playing against were tall and terrifying, and we managed to hold our own. And my forearms haven’t felt that pain since high school, so I’d call it a success.

Wednesday (Day 17): Went to REI with my roommates to buy hiking guidebooks for our trip this weekend to the Catskills! I have discovered my dream home location: inside REI. It’s like everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. All the hiking and camping and overall outdoorsy gear you could dream of. And all the men that shop there are mountain men, which I didn’t even realized existed in NYC. And then I finished the day with some cross-training on the elliptical at the gym. My best frienemy.

Thursday (today) (Day 18): Ran my 3 miles (more like 3.5, had to make it home!) on this beautiful day, but for the first time I’m starting to feel like I may have pulled something. My left calf muscle is really tight and when I flex my foot, it’s almost charlie horse status. Pray for me and my calf and their recovery for my long run on Saturday!


Currently watching: Survivor. My family has gotten me addicted.

Just finished: The Office “Paper Airplanes.” JIM + PAM 4EVER

Tomorrow’s plan: Off to the Catskills for the weekend with my girls! (and Chris). A couple days of hiking, waterfall watching, relaxation, and fresh air.


Much love,



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