Days 19-21 (CATSKILLS! nature + stuff)

This weekend, the ladies (+ Chris) and I packed up our rental car, busted out of NYC and drove up to the Catskills. A few weeks ago, we were fantasizing (via about our end of the year road trip before we go our separate ways, then suddenly we had booked a house for this weekend!

Friday at 3, we set off and were stuck in traffic for what felt like our entire adolescence, then finally reached Roscoe (the smallest town I’ve been in which is saying something). Brett and Judy (our kind and pretty out there hosts) showed us around the place. Our weekend was full with hikes, beautiful drives and sight seeing, delicious home cooked meals, and some good ol’ games of Hearts and Scrabble.

This morning I did my long run. It was the complete opposite experience that I usually have running in the city. I could look around and see for miles–up un the mountains and ahead of me down the road. It was weird because I could see so far ahead that it didn’t feel like I was going fast or far. And the whole ~hour or so that I was running, only about 10 cars drove by. I genuinely felt alone with the many creeks babbling under the bridges and the dogs barking at me from the porches. Kind of weirdly transcendental. BUT I think I pushed myself too hard the first half, because the last 2 miles or so was a super strug fest. Seeing the red table cloth that Brett and Judy put over their mail box was truly like staring God in the face.

Day 19 (Friday): Rest! Also leg + butt cramps in the 5 hour car ride

Day 20 (Saturday): Technically supposed to be the long run, but we went for a nice long hike so I postponed the run. yolo.

Day 21 (Sunday): 6 miles this morning upstate! Like I said, pretty spicy. Pretty hot. uper heavy breathing. The best part of the run, I’d say, was the one person who I saw out there the whole time, running on the opposite side of the road in the other direction. The first time we passed each other, I waved and he said “Thanks for the company!” We passed each other again when I was on my way back to the house– I asked him the time, and he told me I was doing a kickass job.

Then this afternoon, I played tennis with some friends. I think we all know that at this point tomorrow my body will be paralyzed.
Oh well!

I'm obsessed with the decor.

I’m obsessed with the decor.


Our house!

Our house!

IMG_2909 IMG_2890 IMG_2922

Pepacton Resevoir

Pepacton Resevoir

Serious stone skipping

Serious stone skipping

Our backyard

Our backyard

Hasta mañana, hakuna matata,

❤ caitlin


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