Week 6 + Day 43 (it’s the FINALS countdown, bum bum bummmmm)

Whoa, a whole week without a post?

Whooops, my bad.

That’s what happens when you run into finals week. Absolute insanity! 2 exams, 2 final papers, and a final presentation. Now, they’re done! But my week was a busy one. So busy, in fact, that I took Tuesday and Wednesday off my training. Technically Wednesday is rest day optional, so I guess just Tuesday! Here’s a rundown:

Monday (Day 36): 2 miles (or… 3.33). After my end of the year dinner for work, two of my friends and I went for a run. I was feeling kind of sick after dinner, but I decided to push through it… which I’m so glad about! We had some seriously good talk time about body image and health and food addiction, and then before we knew it we’d run 3.3 miles! Not too shabby.

Tuesday: (Day 37) Supposed to be 3.5 miles. Actually no miles. It was many other things though: Punk night at the Met, my first all nighter, my roommate’s last night, my first time going to Bagels on the Square at 3 am, a whole lot of craziness.

Wednesday: (Day 38) Rest/X Training. I literally took the rest route. After an all nighter and finishing my final research paper, I definitely embraced my bed and the concept of napping.

Thursday: (Day 39) 3 miles. I actually decided to make this a 5k and challenge myself to beating 30 minutes. I recently joined http://www.tribesports.com, which is a great community of all kinds of athletes. You can join challenges, “tribes”, which are groups of people commited to whatever its theme is, and encourage each other’s activities. I joined the “Run a 5k in under 30” challenge…. and I completed it! 3.13 miles in 29:19. Not by a landslide, but not too bad either.

Friday (Day 40): Rest! My favorite girl Erin organized a picnic potluck, so a bunch of my friends got together in the park, ate baby bagels and hummus, and wrote haikus (or as we called them #meowkus).

Saturday (Day 41): 8 miles. WHAT! I have the hardest time getting myself out the door for these runs. There’s always an excuse! I’m not rested enough/fueled right/awake enough. Saturday was even worse because it was drizzly and there were no signs of stopping. Eventually I dragged myself out and jumped on the subway up to central park. I’ve been trying to make my long runs more interesting and not listening to my iPod. I figure when I run the half marathon, I won’t be–so I might as well get used to my own thoughts!

It was a wet and chilly run, but I felt amazing! Afterwards, my legs were rubber. And the subway took way longer than expected to get me home, so by that point, I was hungrier and thirstier than I’ve ever been in my life. That smoothie was the best I’ve ever had (cough drake cough).

Sunday (Day 42): Cross Training – after a lovely day with my friends (one of whom I haven’t seen since December!) I went to the gym and….get this…. didn’t hate the elliptical! Ever since I started going to the gym when I was 15, I thought the key to getting through the elliptical workout was watching TV, or a movie, or a tennis game. Turns out, listening to your own thoughts and getting lost inside your mind is a lot more time consuming!

Then I rocked the stair climber for a full 15 minutes and thought I had lost all my body’s liquids via my sweat glands.

Monday (Day 43): 2 miles. I was in an incredibly salty/spicy/foul mood last night, so running my 2 miles with my darling Erin was just the medicine I needed! And then I watched inception. So my day ended on a good note.

Today, I’m waiting for the sun to go down and take some of the heat with it before I run my 3.5.

xoxo gossip caitlin


Days 33 – 35 (5 weeks already?! holy cannoli.)

I cannot believe I’m already 5 weeks into my training! That means next Sunday, I’ll be halfway there. Unreal.

It’s been a wonderful weekend in that I got very little school work done but I’ve had lots of naps and slept in, which let’s just say *never* happens.

This week is going to be a bit of a killer because everything is due/done by Thursday, and let’s just say I’m nowhere near ready. But remember, stress isn’t real! Although it might become real if I don’t remind myself that it’s not summer yet. Things are weird around my apartment, too, because everyone’s getting ready to move out! It’s both an exciting and nostalgic time: exciting because there’s nothing more fun than a late night purging of your room. Seriously, who’s with me? And nostalgic because this year with my roommates has been so amazing, and the three of us likely won’t live together again. *sad face*.

But, my training has been amazing.

Day 33 (Friday): Rest day! It was funny, today one of my friends asked me what I did on Friday, and it actually took me 5 minutes to even remember. That day had basically erased itself from my mind. But I did remember! The roomies and I had end of the year roommate dinner at an ~amazing~ restaurant by Union Square: Peacefood Cafe. 100% vegan, whole food, lots of g-free options. AND I spied Kris Carr at the restaurant, one of my biggest inspirations in food/healthy living/being awesome. Check her out: http://kriscarr.com/

Day 34 (Saturday): Arguably the best workout I’ve had in ever. It was my long run, 7 miles. I was super nervous to say the least. After my 6 mile run turned out to only be 5.5 miles and I was practically dead after, I didn’t know if my body could do 7. That, and at 9 am the forecast was rain. All day. As I ate my oatmeal (obviously), I negotiated with myself: I’ll run the 7 tomorrow morning and cross train today! Maybe I’ll even do it later tonight, when the rain’s gone.

But the fact was that it wasn’t raining yet, it wouldn’t start for another 2 hours, and I had to do it now. So I found a cool site (WalkJogRun) that allows you to map out your course, planned 7 miles along the Hudson, and left with only my apartment keys. No iPod, no music, no mindless distractions. And this quiet, focused run was the best one I’ve ever had. I felt amazing! I went into it with a positive attitude, reminding myself of how proud I was that I was doing this, that I’m a total badass, and that I *could* finish 7 miles. And I did!

The only bad part was that 5 miles in, nature was calling. And as one of my tour guide friends says, when nature calls, you better not put her on hold. So I had to use a port-o-potty that was disgusting but was good in that I wasn’t tempted to rest long.

I finished in somewhere around an hour and fifteen minutes (I wasn’t keeping track of time exactly, and still had to get home after the 7 miles) and wasn’t even tired. Sure my legs felt like (vegan) jello and I was actually sweatier than a farmer on a hot day (wow that was a random analogy).

But I felt like a million bucks, and I have never been so proud of myself.

Day 35 (Today!): Cross training day! I had brunch with my “micromicrocommunity”, then tennis with my boyz. Tennis was kind of terrible, though, since the wind was Wizard of Oz level, and we were all pretty pooped. Later, I ended up at the gym to hang out with my bestie Mr. Elliptical, but I have to say it was pleasant because I went to the gym with the TVs on the machines, and the new episode of REVENGE WAS ON! Arguably the best show on tv now and ever.

And now it’s 1:15 am on Monday, I have a presentation to give in 8 hours, and I’m more awake than I’ve been all day.

Funny how life happens,

❤ cait

Days 30-32 (stress: it ain’t real yo!)

It’s Thursday y’all and it is feeeeeelin’ good!




This week has been my final week of classes for the semester, and normally, I’d be saying something along the lines of “gahe;idnfs what is life so many tests and stress derp derp derp.”

But I’m taking a new approach this semester. Last December, I was telling a friend that I was having a rough semester because it was just *so* stressful I couldn’t deal. And he said something like,

“Yeah, I do a lot, but I don’t think of it as being a lot. I just think of it as normal, and then it’s not stressful. It’s just my life.”

Enlightenment! So all these exams, obviously, have to happen no matter what. So why be stressed? Like Scott Jurek always says, “sometimes you just do things!”

So stress? pft what’s that?

First final yesterday? I’d say I sufficiently kicked its butt.


Oh, and I mean I *am* training for a half marathon. 🙂

Tuesday (Day 30): 3 miles! I had a big day: class, work, picking up my final CSA share (carrots, potatoes, spinach, kale, deLICIOUS granola, and some leeks), ~lots~ of studying to do for Wednesday, so I ended up doing my run at about 10 pm. And my oh my, it was a Jesus jog. I could so feel God with me on the whole run, especially when I finished and was looking out over the river. Such a blessed night.

Wednesday (Day 31): X-Training, my FAVE. After an interview in the morning and meeting with my professor about my final paper, I kicked my final’s butt then took a big, well deserved nap. For dinner, I had a Groupon (the best thing that has happened to the world) for a delicious restaurant a block away from me called Sacred Chow, so I took one of my best friends out on a dinner date.Then eventually, I made it out to the gym, hit up the elliptical for 25 minutes while listening to the NMA interview with Scott Jurek (again), hit the rowing machine, and rode the bike for a little bit. Slept like a baby.

Thursday (Today!) (Day 32): 3 miles! Today was my official final day of classes, which I still can’t get over. In addition to that, I worked a few hours, took another glorious nap, and had an energized run around 6 pm. 

After my run, I went to the laundromat to pick up my laundry (wash and fold is surprisingly cheap and the best thing that has happened to my personal hygiene). My clothing had disappeared. So just cross your fingers they find my clothes…. ALL my sports bras were in there! That’s the real tragedy at hand.


Tomorrow’s a rest day, but Saturday is looming…. cough cough I mean so exciting!! 7 miles, I am dying with the anticipation.


Much love,

❤ caitlin

Day 29 (Ayer + Nike+)

Yesterday was Day 29! 

Monday Funday: 2 miles. I pushed myself and did them faster than normal to see how well I could do. Not too shabby! About 2 minutes faster than my normal pace. 

Anyways this is mostly to say I am on Nike+ !! I got the app a few weeks ago, but last night (because obviously it’s finals and I need a reason to procrastinate) I got my profile all figured out. So add me! (vegesaurus) (of course).


Happy Tuesday! It’s a busy one, so I’ll probably do my run at 10 tonight after class. You gotta do what you gotta do!


❤ c

Days 22-28 (My list of transcendental revelation)

As far as running and training go, this week hasn’t been anything special. My easy runs on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday were just kind of okay, and not too energizing.

But off the road and out of my sneakers, it’s been a week of, well, revelation I suppose you could say.

So here are the truths I have uncovered about life:

1. The second sequel (3rd movie) of any superhero series will never be as good as you want it to be (cough cough, Iron Man 3).

2. The only way we can actually physically live our lives is one day at a time. Projecting ahead a week, a month, a 5 year plan is fine but it’s all just a guessing game.

3. The sheer amount of beauty in the world and in the people who live on it could (and should) be reason enough to smile.

4. Veganism is the only way for me to live and I can’t imagine being an athlete any other way (thanks No Meat Athlete and Scott Jurek and Brendan Brazier and everyone else who is awesome.)

5. Tactile communication is the most effective form of communication but is *way* underutilized. The world needs more hugs and high fives!

6. There are 2 ways to happiness: 1. giving it to others, and 2. getting your butt out the door and getting your endorphines going. You can kick So. Much. Butt.

7. I am so in love with the world and my life that sometimes I’m just speechless.

So yeah, running and stuff:

Monday: 2 miles, nothing special. The one thing I have been noticing, though, is my recovery period is basically non existent (thank you, plant based diet!!) I was not even the slightest bit sore or tired after this weekend (except for my shoulders from tennis… I really do need to work on my upper body strength.) Even when my ankles are a little spicy after a run, my body forgets about it the next day.

Tuesday: 3(.2) miles bright and early before classes, averaging > 10 minutes/mile… and that was taking it easy! It’s crazy motivating to see my times decrease without even trying.

Wednesday: Cross training at the gym. I have to say, I love going at 7 pm so I can watch Jeopardy. This whole half marathon training has turned out to also be a Jeopardy training program. Maybe you’ll see me hanging out with Alex pretty soon.

Thursday: 3 miles, no big thang. I also lifted weights. As bored as I get lifting my 5 lb weights, I really just want to be able to kick someone’s ass if need be. I might be watching too many action movies.

Friday: “Rest” is a word I can only use in terms of my workout, because Friday was anything but restful. After going to the Iron Man 3 premiere at midnight, my body decided that at 6:15 am, 2 hours of sleep would suffice. One bagel and a 9/11 documentary later, I went to work, spent some quality time in the sunshine with Eat and Run, worked some more, then slept until forever and watched some Netflix.

Saturday: My “long” run of the week. This week was back to 4 miles, which I ran yesterday evening over by the Hudson River. It was an incredible experience; not really fast or anything. But my 4 miles finished with about a quarter mile away from my apartment, so I slow jogged then walked the rest of the way, and by the time I was in my living room, I could have sworn my body hadn’t exerted itself in the slightest. I wasn’t tired or sore at all!! Perhaps the biggest victory of the week.

Sunday (today!): I’m about to head out to the gym, after which I’m grabbing brunch with friends then studying my tail off before tennis. Sundays are the greatest.

So many blessings in my life and writing about all of them now has just been the greatest start to my day.

❤ xo caitlin