Days 22-28 (My list of transcendental revelation)

As far as running and training go, this week hasn’t been anything special. My easy runs on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday were just kind of okay, and not too energizing.

But off the road and out of my sneakers, it’s been a week of, well, revelation I suppose you could say.

So here are the truths I have uncovered about life:

1. The second sequel (3rd movie) of any superhero series will never be as good as you want it to be (cough cough, Iron Man 3).

2. The only way we can actually physically live our lives is one day at a time. Projecting ahead a week, a month, a 5 year plan is fine but it’s all just a guessing game.

3. The sheer amount of beauty in the world and in the people who live on it could (and should) be reason enough to smile.

4. Veganism is the only way for me to live and I can’t imagine being an athlete any other way (thanks No Meat Athlete and Scott Jurek and Brendan Brazier and everyone else who is awesome.)

5. Tactile communication is the most effective form of communication but is *way* underutilized. The world needs more hugs and high fives!

6. There are 2 ways to happiness: 1. giving it to others, and 2. getting your butt out the door and getting your endorphines going. You can kick So. Much. Butt.

7. I am so in love with the world and my life that sometimes I’m just speechless.

So yeah, running and stuff:

Monday: 2 miles, nothing special. The one thing I have been noticing, though, is my recovery period is basically non existent (thank you, plant based diet!!) I was not even the slightest bit sore or tired after this weekend (except for my shoulders from tennis… I really do need to work on my upper body strength.) Even when my ankles are a little spicy after a run, my body forgets about it the next day.

Tuesday: 3(.2) miles bright and early before classes, averaging > 10 minutes/mile… and that was taking it easy! It’s crazy motivating to see my times decrease without even trying.

Wednesday: Cross training at the gym. I have to say, I love going at 7 pm so I can watch Jeopardy. This whole half marathon training has turned out to also be a Jeopardy training program. Maybe you’ll see me hanging out with Alex pretty soon.

Thursday: 3 miles, no big thang. I also lifted weights. As bored as I get lifting my 5 lb weights, I really just want to be able to kick someone’s ass if need be. I might be watching too many action movies.

Friday: “Rest” is a word I can only use in terms of my workout, because Friday was anything but restful. After going to the Iron Man 3 premiere at midnight, my body decided that at 6:15 am, 2 hours of sleep would suffice. One bagel and a 9/11 documentary later, I went to work, spent some quality time in the sunshine with Eat and Run, worked some more, then slept until forever and watched some Netflix.

Saturday: My “long” run of the week. This week was back to 4 miles, which I ran yesterday evening over by the Hudson River. It was an incredible experience; not really fast or anything. But my 4 miles finished with about a quarter mile away from my apartment, so I slow jogged then walked the rest of the way, and by the time I was in my living room, I could have sworn my body hadn’t exerted itself in the slightest. I wasn’t tired or sore at all!! Perhaps the biggest victory of the week.

Sunday (today!): I’m about to head out to the gym, after which I’m grabbing brunch with friends then studying my tail off before tennis. Sundays are the greatest.

So many blessings in my life and writing about all of them now has just been the greatest start to my day.

❤ xo caitlin


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