Days 30-32 (stress: it ain’t real yo!)

It’s Thursday y’all and it is feeeeeelin’ good!




This week has been my final week of classes for the semester, and normally, I’d be saying something along the lines of “gahe;idnfs what is life so many tests and stress derp derp derp.”

But I’m taking a new approach this semester. Last December, I was telling a friend that I was having a rough semester because it was just *so* stressful I couldn’t deal. And he said something like,

“Yeah, I do a lot, but I don’t think of it as being a lot. I just think of it as normal, and then it’s not stressful. It’s just my life.”

Enlightenment! So all these exams, obviously, have to happen no matter what. So why be stressed? Like Scott Jurek always says, “sometimes you just do things!”

So stress? pft what’s that?

First final yesterday? I’d say I sufficiently kicked its butt.


Oh, and I mean I *am* training for a half marathon. 🙂

Tuesday (Day 30): 3 miles! I had a big day: class, work, picking up my final CSA share (carrots, potatoes, spinach, kale, deLICIOUS granola, and some leeks), ~lots~ of studying to do for Wednesday, so I ended up doing my run at about 10 pm. And my oh my, it was a Jesus jog. I could so feel God with me on the whole run, especially when I finished and was looking out over the river. Such a blessed night.

Wednesday (Day 31): X-Training, my FAVE. After an interview in the morning and meeting with my professor about my final paper, I kicked my final’s butt then took a big, well deserved nap. For dinner, I had a Groupon (the best thing that has happened to the world) for a delicious restaurant a block away from me called Sacred Chow, so I took one of my best friends out on a dinner date.Then eventually, I made it out to the gym, hit up the elliptical for 25 minutes while listening to the NMA interview with Scott Jurek (again), hit the rowing machine, and rode the bike for a little bit. Slept like a baby.

Thursday (Today!) (Day 32): 3 miles! Today was my official final day of classes, which I still can’t get over. In addition to that, I worked a few hours, took another glorious nap, and had an energized run around 6 pm. 

After my run, I went to the laundromat to pick up my laundry (wash and fold is surprisingly cheap and the best thing that has happened to my personal hygiene). My clothing had disappeared. So just cross your fingers they find my clothes…. ALL my sports bras were in there! That’s the real tragedy at hand.


Tomorrow’s a rest day, but Saturday is looming…. cough cough I mean so exciting!! 7 miles, I am dying with the anticipation.


Much love,

❤ caitlin


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