Days 33 – 35 (5 weeks already?! holy cannoli.)

I cannot believe I’m already 5 weeks into my training! That means next Sunday, I’ll be halfway there. Unreal.

It’s been a wonderful weekend in that I got very little school work done but I’ve had lots of naps and slept in, which let’s just say *never* happens.

This week is going to be a bit of a killer because everything is due/done by Thursday, and let’s just say I’m nowhere near ready. But remember, stress isn’t real! Although it might become real if I don’t remind myself that it’s not summer yet. Things are weird around my apartment, too, because everyone’s getting ready to move out! It’s both an exciting and nostalgic time: exciting because there’s nothing more fun than a late night purging of your room. Seriously, who’s with me? And nostalgic because this year with my roommates has been so amazing, and the three of us likely won’t live together again. *sad face*.

But, my training has been amazing.

Day 33 (Friday): Rest day! It was funny, today one of my friends asked me what I did on Friday, and it actually took me 5 minutes to even remember. That day had basically erased itself from my mind. But I did remember! The roomies and I had end of the year roommate dinner at an ~amazing~ restaurant by Union Square: Peacefood Cafe. 100% vegan, whole food, lots of g-free options. AND I spied Kris Carr at the restaurant, one of my biggest inspirations in food/healthy living/being awesome. Check her out:

Day 34 (Saturday): Arguably the best workout I’ve had in ever. It was my long run, 7 miles. I was super nervous to say the least. After my 6 mile run turned out to only be 5.5 miles and I was practically dead after, I didn’t know if my body could do 7. That, and at 9 am the forecast was rain. All day. As I ate my oatmeal (obviously), I negotiated with myself: I’ll run the 7 tomorrow morning and cross train today! Maybe I’ll even do it later tonight, when the rain’s gone.

But the fact was that it wasn’t raining yet, it wouldn’t start for another 2 hours, and I had to do it now. So I found a cool site (WalkJogRun) that allows you to map out your course, planned 7 miles along the Hudson, and left with only my apartment keys. No iPod, no music, no mindless distractions. And this quiet, focused run was the best one I’ve ever had. I felt amazing! I went into it with a positive attitude, reminding myself of how proud I was that I was doing this, that I’m a total badass, and that I *could* finish 7 miles. And I did!

The only bad part was that 5 miles in, nature was calling. And as one of my tour guide friends says, when nature calls, you better not put her on hold. So I had to use a port-o-potty that was disgusting but was good in that I wasn’t tempted to rest long.

I finished in somewhere around an hour and fifteen minutes (I wasn’t keeping track of time exactly, and still had to get home after the 7 miles) and wasn’t even tired. Sure my legs felt like (vegan) jello and I was actually sweatier than a farmer on a hot day (wow that was a random analogy).

But I felt like a million bucks, and I have never been so proud of myself.

Day 35 (Today!): Cross training day! I had brunch with my “micromicrocommunity”, then tennis with my boyz. Tennis was kind of terrible, though, since the wind was Wizard of Oz level, and we were all pretty pooped. Later, I ended up at the gym to hang out with my bestie Mr. Elliptical, but I have to say it was pleasant because I went to the gym with the TVs on the machines, and the new episode of REVENGE WAS ON! Arguably the best show on tv now and ever.

And now it’s 1:15 am on Monday, I have a presentation to give in 8 hours, and I’m more awake than I’ve been all day.

Funny how life happens,

❤ cait


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