Week 6 + Day 43 (it’s the FINALS countdown, bum bum bummmmm)

Whoa, a whole week without a post?

Whooops, my bad.

That’s what happens when you run into finals week. Absolute insanity! 2 exams, 2 final papers, and a final presentation. Now, they’re done! But my week was a busy one. So busy, in fact, that I took Tuesday and Wednesday off my training. Technically Wednesday is rest day optional, so I guess just Tuesday! Here’s a rundown:

Monday (Day 36): 2 miles (or… 3.33). After my end of the year dinner for work, two of my friends and I went for a run. I was feeling kind of sick after dinner, but I decided to push through it… which I’m so glad about! We had some seriously good talk time about body image and health and food addiction, and then before we knew it we’d run 3.3 miles! Not too shabby.

Tuesday: (Day 37) Supposed to be 3.5 miles. Actually no miles. It was many other things though: Punk night at the Met, my first all nighter, my roommate’s last night, my first time going to Bagels on the Square at 3 am, a whole lot of craziness.

Wednesday: (Day 38) Rest/X Training. I literally took the rest route. After an all nighter and finishing my final research paper, I definitely embraced my bed and the concept of napping.

Thursday: (Day 39) 3 miles. I actually decided to make this a 5k and challenge myself to beating 30 minutes. I recently joined http://www.tribesports.com, which is a great community of all kinds of athletes. You can join challenges, “tribes”, which are groups of people commited to whatever its theme is, and encourage each other’s activities. I joined the “Run a 5k in under 30” challenge…. and I completed it! 3.13 miles in 29:19. Not by a landslide, but not too bad either.

Friday (Day 40): Rest! My favorite girl Erin organized a picnic potluck, so a bunch of my friends got together in the park, ate baby bagels and hummus, and wrote haikus (or as we called them #meowkus).

Saturday (Day 41): 8 miles. WHAT! I have the hardest time getting myself out the door for these runs. There’s always an excuse! I’m not rested enough/fueled right/awake enough. Saturday was even worse because it was drizzly and there were no signs of stopping. Eventually I dragged myself out and jumped on the subway up to central park. I’ve been trying to make my long runs more interesting and not listening to my iPod. I figure when I run the half marathon, I won’t be–so I might as well get used to my own thoughts!

It was a wet and chilly run, but I felt amazing! Afterwards, my legs were rubber. And the subway took way longer than expected to get me home, so by that point, I was hungrier and thirstier than I’ve ever been in my life. That smoothie was the best I’ve ever had (cough drake cough).

Sunday (Day 42): Cross Training – after a lovely day with my friends (one of whom I haven’t seen since December!) I went to the gym and….get this…. didn’t hate the elliptical! Ever since I started going to the gym when I was 15, I thought the key to getting through the elliptical workout was watching TV, or a movie, or a tennis game. Turns out, listening to your own thoughts and getting lost inside your mind is a lot more time consuming!

Then I rocked the stair climber for a full 15 minutes and thought I had lost all my body’s liquids via my sweat glands.

Monday (Day 43): 2 miles. I was in an incredibly salty/spicy/foul mood last night, so running my 2 miles with my darling Erin was just the medicine I needed! And then I watched inception. So my day ended on a good note.

Today, I’m waiting for the sun to go down and take some of the heat with it before I run my 3.5.

xoxo gossip caitlin


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