Days 67-72 (the bus blogger)

In an effort to redeem myself for my 3 week absence, here’s a 1 week post!

It’s only FIVE DAYS now until my race, so the past week of runs has been part of the taper– my long run was only 5 miles! All the runs went smoothly and I can hardly remember anything special. The one highlight was on my long run. I decided to just do the .6 mile loop that goes around the park near my house at 9 am. It turns out, that is the designated time for 60+s to walk their adorable puppies; I saw about 50 of them.

Cross training was not so happy this week, simply for the fact that I am an awkward human. I go to Planet Fitness when I’m at home because it’s the cheapest, case closed. However, the majority of people under 25 that I know or have ever known also go to this gym. So, being the awkward human that I am, as soon as I see more than 2 people I know at the gym, I’m suddenly incurably tired. And I leave.

But I did make sure to get in at least 30 minutes each time! Plus, I’ve been forcing myself to do arms at home at least 4 times a week.

My best arm workout this week was on Saturday, at my cousin’s high school graduation party. Not only do I love every opportunity I get to spend time with that part of the family, but I was in love with the volleyball net they set up. I know I’ve mentioned volleyball a handful of times. But the real story is in my blood. Essentially everyone on my dad’s side of the family plays, and we’re all equally competitive. It gets ugly, but it’s always fun… Even when I’m wearing a dress.

So as my post title hints… I’m on a bus! Currently making my way back to NYC for a couple of nights for a very exciting event with Nike. Ill write all about it on Friday so be on your toes.

Then on Saturday, it’s off the Connecticut! My mom and I are staying over night so I can be bright, cheery, and energized for my race!

Holy cannoli, 5 freaking days.

Xoxo Caitlin


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