This one time, in January….

Remember that one time when I came back to my blog and made a big post about making resolutions and starting the blog back up?


Yeah… me too.

But today, I’m back at it. And here’s why.

My resolution (#1) has been going quite well. But it has only been this past week that I’ve finally absorbed and understood what, for my whole life, I’ve tried to: it’s OK to do things for myself. Rationally, I have always known that this is true. But feeling it is a much different reality, and thanks to some changes I have made in my life, I finally feel it, and I really really like myself.

9 days ago, I was catching up on No Meat Athlete posts, and came upon this one, where Matt talks about his participation in ‘s Quantified Diet. This struck my attention, not because I’m trying to go on a diet, but because for my final project in my conservation biology class, I plan to do some type of diet-change (all local? all organic? only in season?) and note the experience and results. I looked into it, and decided to jump in. I was randomly assigned the Whole Food Diet. Now, this doesn’t mean eat only food from Whole Foods… instead, for 4 weeks, I will only eat whole foods–unprocessed and unrefined. For me, this means unprocessed fruits, veg, nuts, and grains. And no protein bars, coffee, toxic beverages, or pre-packaged treats. And it means lots of food-prep and cooking.

Just a week later and it has made an enormous difference. This has come as quite a surprise to me, because I truly haven’t changed much at all about the way I eat. But by drinking only water and tea, eliminating junk and additives and preservatives *completely* has made a world of difference with my happiness, energy level, and even flattening my tummy with *no* cut in calories.

It’s inspired me to immerse myself in the plant-based online community, listening to more of Rich Roll’s podcasts, and read more about current food issues.

My yoga practice has also sent me to elevated levels of self-love and understanding. Since mid-January, I’ve made yoga a priority, going at least 3 times/week. Not only has my strength and flexibility sky-rocketed, but I treasure the personal insight I have gained and pride in my strength (both mental and physical).

But why today? Why have I been inspired to come back to my dusty WordPress blog today?

Because I ran.

The weather in NYC was unseasonably magical today, a balmy 52 with SUN! I redownloaded my Nike+ app, laced up, and headed back over to my favorite running destination. Nearly 6 miles later, I remembered what I felt like during my half-marathon, and even just training for it. Triumphant. Strong. Limitless.

The other day, when I was leaving my babysitting job, I grappled with whether I should go straight to yoga, or if I should go home first and then to a later yoga class. While weighing the pros and cons, trying to figure out the most *efficient* option, some part of me rose and spoke up and said:

“No. We’re doing this.”

Since then, I keep repeating those 3 words to myself (“we’re doing this”) and joy settles in. Because I CAN do this. What is *this*?

Anything I damn want it to be.

See you around for more randomness and self-discovery (because really this is quickly becoming a diary).

xo Caitlin

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