Tuesday Morning Rain is fallin’ (aka the apocalyspe)

Let me just acknowledge the elephant in the room up front: it’s been a month + a day since my last post.

Ok, moving on.


BUT ACTUALLY, the reason for my delay is more than just my busy schedule plus my procrastinating nature. Starting basically right after my last post, I began my training plan, courtesy of No Meat Athlete. For the first few weeks, it’s easy runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a “long” run (basically 3-4 miles) on Saturday. The weather was starting to get colder, but I was persisting! Slightly out of shape, I was slow but kept it up.

Then, one Saturday (November 22, specifically, when the new moon was just moving into Sagittarius. Screw you, Sagittarius), my run was excruciatingly painful! After a minute on the move, my shins and my ankles were screaming in pain. I could only get 2 miles in that run, and even that was a stretch. What had happened? I made it through a full half-marathon training plan without injury, and suddenly with easy 3milers, I’m down?

Then I realized: I had done my previous run on a treadmill. Even that quick 2 mile run, though, was obviously a struggle. I felt my feet pounding down on the belt like a ton of bricks and my shins were feeling spicy. Prime example of why I hate that machine. I mean, I can barely keep up a 5.5 mph pace, and I end up finishing in pain and feeling badly about myself. Stupid machine.

The following week (after my outdoor sad 2 miles), I took some time off running and spent my time at the gym, doing the elliptical and the bike and stairs, since my ankle had shooting pains every time I attempted to run. Then, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I ran the annual road race in my home town with my best friend (she’s doing Boston, too!). Since I had nothing to lose, I tried running in my mom’s Nike Airs, which had arch support inserts in them. Not the best idea (they were practically cinder blocks compared to my Nike Frees), but then again, the pain I felt was comparable to what I would have in my normal shoes.

Moral of the story: it’s been 10 days since that race, and I haven’t run. I decided that it would be best to take some time off training and putting myself behind a few miles rather than pushing myself, hurting myself, and ruining my training altogether.

It sucks, though! Nothing feels so triumphant as finishing a run. Even when it’s tough! And it sucks to not see my mileage increasing along with my training plan, and to have to think about getting new shoes, but not knowing what type I’ll need, since my Nike Frees have served me well for the past THREE YEARS.

But pity party aside, I’m hopeful. When I walk to yoga, decked out in my workout gear, I’ll take a half a block and jog it, to see if my ankle does the whole “OH SHIT YOU’RE RUNNING STOP STOP STOP” thing. And it hasn’t been! Or at least, not so intensely. My plan was to get outside this afternoon and take a trip around a block or two (2 miles or so), but when I woke up at 7:30, the apocalypse was taking place outside my window. So I’ll push it back until tomorrow, which is supposed to be a 4 mile run. (OR NOT SINCE IT’S SUPPOSED TO SNOW. Make it Thursday.) I plan to follow my instincts and make that as long (or short) as feels right.



But I’m back! For real this time. I recently started interning at an awesome website doing their social media, so I am very much in interwebz mode 24/7. Which is a good thing for this blog 🙂


xoxoxo cmoney


Currently drinking: chai tea w/ 3 bags + coconut almond milk

Currently watching: The Reed Report. The news is depressing

Currently painting my nails: Grease Lightning Grey, inspired by the weather



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