Write and Run 31: Day 2

Alternate title: “Here’s to Award Season! Day 1 of Many.”

Few people know the depth of my love for awards season. I guess that just goes to show how complicated my personality is. I can’t say I’m proud, but I love watching all the nominations, getting really into the drama of the competition, stalking the red carpet, who’s coming with whom, and the amazing speeches. I think it’s a combination of being able to get really invested in something that cannot really impact me negatively, like fantasy football, and the memories I have with my sister of watching. My older sister has always been ahead of the news when it comes to celebrity and Hollywood gossip, so awards shows were a big deal growing up. And because it was cool for Kelly, it was wayyyy cool to me too! In the past few years, we watched as many movies during the holiday season as we could, chat for hours on end with our aunt and grandparents of the merits of each film, print out ballots and take our best picks, then make delicious hors d’oeuvres for the big night and watch in silence (so as to catch every moment).

Thinking about those nights are so special to me, sharing something with my lifetime best friend. It’s not the same, being in NYC with other friends, other friends who talk during the show, who live tweet the reactions and only half listening, friends who don’t share my history of the awards shows. Who don’t get excited and wake up early to watch the Oscar nominations and then text each other about who got nominated for what.

I wasn’t expecting to talk about my sister in this post, but I guess it’s just reflective of a lot of things that have been on my mind recently. I’m graduating from college in 4 months, and then I’m planning on moving to the other side of the country. Which means instead of being a 3 hour drive from my sister and my family and my best friend from high school, I’ll be a 6 hour flight. I can’t help but wonder if this will just be a phase in my life, or if it’s the beginning of being a plane-ride away for my lifetime. A scary thought, for sure.

But instead of thinking about this sadness that I’ve been thinking about so often, let’s talk about running, shall we?

Today, I ran 6 miles. Initially, the thought was to do my run at 8 am, work at 10, and then be productive in my life from 3pm on. But then the alarm rang at 7:30 and the whole idea was laughable as I promptly shut it off. Oh well! I got out on the road at 3 for a not-so-chilly run (it was a sunny 36 degrees!) that was a little rough. My muscles have been incredibly tight since my stair sprints on Thursday night (even after masochistic foam rolling session yesterday), so my calves and shins felt much heavier than usual. And my hip was in incredible pain. So I walked a bit, ran a bit, and overall did 6 miles (even though 1 mile in I told myself I only had to make it through 4. Silly stubborn Caitlin.) But I did it! And after learning the hard way, I went straight to the gym to drain my legs, stretch, and roll ’em out. Man, I really do need to buy my own foam roller! But the gym is only 1 block away, so it’s not particularly urgent.

Now, post-Globes, I’m watching the post-show-show, press-room and fashion recap, while working on my internship work for our first meeting of 2015 tomorrow. I’ve developed a habit of relaxing during the daylight and toiling away at night time. It’s definitely impacting my early-bird tendencies and I don’t think I like it.

Tomorrow is cross-training, so I think I’ll do some yoga.

xo Caitlin


Write and Run 31: Day 1

Anyone who has been reading along the past 2 sporadic years (yes, all three of you) has probably picked up on my penchant for fresh starts, life epiphanies, obsessive habit-changing, and No Meat Athlete. I’m here today to continue business as usual.

Yesterday, I listened to one of the latest episodes of the NMA Podcast (my podcast obsession has only grown), and Matt talked about his new project with his sister, Write and Run 31. The concept is committing to writing and running every day in January. I was sold. I love doing things just to prove I can do them and grow and be challenged and watch myself struggle and overcome. What can I say, it’s a hobby of mine. It couldn’t have come at a better time, either. Over the past 2-3 months, I have struggled to get in miles. My ankles throbbing, my hip flexors compensating, my morale dipped. Every week, I got a little farther behind in my marathon training. Every day I didn’t train, I felt weaker. I hated feeling like my body was controlling my life, not the other way around. My confidence dropped and a voice in the back of my head nagged daily, “you’re not going to be in shape for the marathon. you’ll never heal from this.”

But here we are, in 2015. I’ve got new shoes and like my good friend Paolo Nuitini says, suddenly everything is right! With lots of rest, time off the streets, and understanding that sore doesn’t mean broken, I’m back.┬áMy muscles are back in that constantly-slightly-sore-zone that reminds me that I’m strong. My laundry is once again filling faster with sports bras, thermal leggings, and stinky socks. And I’m feeling great.


With my athletic mojo back and my marathon training on track, I heard the call to form habits in the creative realm of my life and couldn’t have been more excited. Over the holidays, I made most of my gifts for friends and family; scarves, drawings, and personalized wall-hangings. I picked up the ukulele. It made me realize how much I love exercising my creative mind, but how infrequently I prioritize it. Even now, writing this post, I feel at ease, relaxed, happy. (Which is helpful, because the Patriots’ current performance is causing me enormous anxiety. Pull it together, T.B.) And during my half-marathon training, my blog motivated me to get juicy stories out of my training. I wanted fun stuff to write about, so in turn my training became full of fun things!

So I am back back back, back again! And I’m excited. ­čÖé

Today’s Workout: Light bike-riding, lots of ab-work, and intensive foam-rolling. 2 days ago, I did a stair-workout and my calves and quads are still whimpering. Tomorrow is a 6 mile run, so I wanted to take it easier today. (I’m interpreting┬áthe “run” part of Write and Run as “training.”)

Currently watching: Pats vs. Ravens. Boys are amped up. Edelman is a dreamboat. Crossing fingers and toes for this win.

Currently waiting for: Delivery.com. Hands down the best part about living in NYC is getting sushi and miso soup delivered to my building.