Everybody’s twerkin’ for the weekend.

After such an insanely  booked week, I was beyond ready for this lovely, quiet, relaxing weekend. Well, not *entirely* quiet and relaxing, but overall rejuvenating nonetheless.

Friday was Pure Barre!! My friend Jaime and I have been trying out different fitness trends (Jaime did an individual trampoline class, and we’ve been running and doing yoga) getting ready for Muderella, and since both of us had raving recommendations for Pure Barre. So we gave it a try! 7:30 Friday morning, we showed up to the studio, were set up by the sweetest instructor in the middle of the room, and for the next 55 minutes, had our butts kicked! If you were to look at us from the outside of the studio, I’m sure that most of it would look silly because the majority of the poses, you’re just *squeezing*. The pulses are all about moving your muscles like 1 or 2 inches. But MAN did we enter the “shake zone.” My prediction of muscular jello was spot on.

I can tell a workout is good when I find muscles sore that I didn’t know existed, and Barre was no exception. And because I’m a sucker for workouts and good deals, I snagged the new client special and now have unlimited classes for 1 month! I’ll be starting my month post spring break, so I can get the most out of it. Stay tuned for more, maybe I’ll have some sweet guns by the end of my month!
But *yesterday* was such an incredibly beautiful day! The weather was warm, and so after work, I went for a beautiful and long run. My legs were still pretty spicy, but these days, seeing the sun and feeling that little bit of warmth practically screams at me to get out the door and over to the Hudson River. Being in that atmosphere, with happy couples enjoying the sun, runners, bikers, adorable children and puppies PLUS the adrenaline of running gives me such joy that I can’t compare to anything. So that jaunt turned into 6.5 miles! Of pure magic. And another round of jello. But luckily, I spent my night “babysitting” (read: playing with the boys for 20 minutes, putting them to bed, and watching Frozen on the couch) and restoring.

When I went to bed late last night (read: 10:30 p.m.), I already knew I had to give my body a rest today. I ventured over to the far away land of Brooklyn and, after some subway incompetencies, made it to Le Pain Quotidien for brunch with my best friends from freshman year. My pot of coffee (yes, I am reintegrating caffeine into my diet……… my will power is nonexistent) and warm pear quinoa cereal bowl hit the spot, and conversation with beautiful women strolling through Prospect Park were needed refreshment.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.48.01 PM

And as my friend  (read: fellow vegan athlete!) and I were walking back to the train station and talking about veganism, we ran smack dab into a vegan ice cream place. Taking it as a sign from something higher, we treated ourself.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.46.45 PM


On my way home, I stopped at Whole Foods for some of my first Vitamix pantry staples. Almonds (for almond milk + butter), tahini (hummus, duh!), Nutritional Yeast (I ran out for the first time ever and have been lost w/o it), chia seeds (way too many for way too much $$$ but they will last and my health is WORTH it), and oats (read note about nooch). And somehow successfully managed not to splurge on any of these:


Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.48.13 PM

CHOCOLATEEEE (*in the voice of dude from spongebob ep)


I made my almond milk, and it is abundantly clear that I do need to get a nut milk bag, because although it’s completely liquified, there’s a grittiness that’s just not tasty. Next up? Almond butter! Hummus! The chick peas are soaking, and I’m waiting to finish all my current jars of nut butter (though we all know that won’t take long at all).

Tomorrow? Back to classes, work, yoga, and getting my hair did! I’ve been rocking the roots for so long that they’ve taken on a new life.


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Currently procrastinating: writing my midterm papers because W/E (jk I’m just good under more pressure)


hasta la vista,

xoxo C



In the kitchen, the studio, the classroom, and the street

It’s been one of those weeks where I look at my Google Calendar, and it’s a beautiful tetris board of color block. Long days, not so long nights of sleep. Finally, on Thursday night (after watching Parks and Rec, of course) I have some moments of quiet to reflect on my past week!

Last weekend was a vegan’s DREAM. The 4th Annual New York Vegetarian Food Festival! I volunteered Saturday and Sunday this year (up from just one shift last year, moving up in the ranks!), which meant helping out, meeting hundreds (if not thousands) of open minded New Yorkers- whether vegetarian, vegan, or just hungry! And it also meant access to incredible new, innovative, and delicious vegan products. I tried a range of Vega products, an unREAL vegan empanada from VSpot in Brooklyn, magical cacao mint raw ice cream from Raw Ice Cream Company, got the cutest canvas bag from Herbivore Clothing (maybe I’ll post a pic in the future), and arguably the most influential purchase I have ever made in my entire life……


My relationship with the idea of a Vitamix has been a long one, asking for one at literallly every gift-giving occasion since I was 16. The deal was so good last weekend, and I decided to take my (culinary) life into my own hands and buy that cherry red beauty. It even came with a free extra grain container. I’ve made a ton of delicious green and fruity smoothies, and am already crafting my nut butter and nut milk adventure that is imminent this weekend. Maybe even some sorbet tonight? It’s life changing! Over the course of the week, I’ve been able to reveal my most beautiful friendships: the friends who instantly get excited when I tell them about my blender purchase. That’s love, right there.


As I mentioned before, my GCal has been a total rockstar this week, and my freetime has been minimal. Between classes, doing readings for those classes, work, babysitting, my environmental club, a new campaign I’m working with on campus, and having time for friends, there is very little wiggle room! But my time at NYU has taught me something. Exercise has to be a priority too; getting my blood flowing deserves its own color block on my calendar. So I’ve been doing that! Mostly yoga and gym visits, with a few runs thrown in there. I feel as though my yoga practice has surmounted a new hill. Suddenly, one class I’m breathing heavy and spicy in chair pose, and the next practice, it’s an old friend more than a challenge. A light clicked. Now, I can explore harder variations of asanas that I haven’t before and it’s like starting anew again. Very exciting.

And getting back to street running has been like another new awakening. It’s like as soon as I’m on the pavement, memories of running last spring resurface, and suddenly I’m in the state of mind of spring time, beautiful weather, excitement for what’s to come, and just pure bliss. It helps that I have some sweet new Nike Free 5.0+ kicks out there with me. 

This week also marks the beginning of Lent, a time where, as a Christian, I have always contemplated what to “give up”, or commit myself to, to honor and respect the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert without. Much like resolutions, I’ve never really found anything I could stick with to the point of enlightenment (that thing I, and many of us, am always looking for.) But as the weather is slowly but surely improving, and I’ve been reminded how much I love running and feeling triumphant, I’ve decided that instead of sacrificing this Lent, I will commit. To running every day for 40 days. Nothing crazy, not 40 half marathons. A minimum of 1 mile per day. That’s it. Some days will be longer, sure. I just want to commit to getting myself out the door every day, to remind myself just how incredibly blessed I am to have been given the body and life that I have.


So, let’s go for a run!


On tomorrow’s docket: my first ever Pure Barre class!!! I have been wanting to do this since my bff/brain twin started raving about the classes last summer. Finally, my friend and I will be getting our barre on bright and early tomorrow morning. I’ll report back with updates of muscle jello and, I’m sure pure jubilation.


Stay tuned for vitamix magic, muscular jello, and lots and lots of lovin.






This one time, in January….

Remember that one time when I came back to my blog and made a big post about making resolutions and starting the blog back up?


Yeah… me too.

But today, I’m back at it. And here’s why.

My resolution (#1) has been going quite well. But it has only been this past week that I’ve finally absorbed and understood what, for my whole life, I’ve tried to: it’s OK to do things for myself. Rationally, I have always known that this is true. But feeling it is a much different reality, and thanks to some changes I have made in my life, I finally feel it, and I really really like myself.

9 days ago, I was catching up on No Meat Athlete posts, and came upon this one, where Matt talks about his participation in Lift.do ‘s Quantified Diet. This struck my attention, not because I’m trying to go on a diet, but because for my final project in my conservation biology class, I plan to do some type of diet-change (all local? all organic? only in season?) and note the experience and results. I looked into it, and decided to jump in. I was randomly assigned the Whole Food Diet. Now, this doesn’t mean eat only food from Whole Foods… instead, for 4 weeks, I will only eat whole foods–unprocessed and unrefined. For me, this means unprocessed fruits, veg, nuts, and grains. And no protein bars, coffee, toxic beverages, or pre-packaged treats. And it means lots of food-prep and cooking.

Just a week later and it has made an enormous difference. This has come as quite a surprise to me, because I truly haven’t changed much at all about the way I eat. But by drinking only water and tea, eliminating junk and additives and preservatives *completely* has made a world of difference with my happiness, energy level, and even flattening my tummy with *no* cut in calories.

It’s inspired me to immerse myself in the plant-based online community, listening to more of Rich Roll’s podcasts, and read more about current food issues.

My yoga practice has also sent me to elevated levels of self-love and understanding. Since mid-January, I’ve made yoga a priority, going at least 3 times/week. Not only has my strength and flexibility sky-rocketed, but I treasure the personal insight I have gained and pride in my strength (both mental and physical).

But why today? Why have I been inspired to come back to my dusty WordPress blog today?

Because I ran.

The weather in NYC was unseasonably magical today, a balmy 52 with SUN! I redownloaded my Nike+ app, laced up, and headed back over to my favorite running destination. Nearly 6 miles later, I remembered what I felt like during my half-marathon, and even just training for it. Triumphant. Strong. Limitless.

The other day, when I was leaving my babysitting job, I grappled with whether I should go straight to yoga, or if I should go home first and then to a later yoga class. While weighing the pros and cons, trying to figure out the most *efficient* option, some part of me rose and spoke up and said:

“No. We’re doing this.”

Since then, I keep repeating those 3 words to myself (“we’re doing this”) and joy settles in. Because I CAN do this. What is *this*?

Anything I damn want it to be.

See you around for more randomness and self-discovery (because really this is quickly becoming a diary).

xo Caitlin

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Time for a Fresh Start

Happy New Year!


Me (left) and my sister getting festive.

For the past week or so, the season of love and holiday and chocolate has naturally been inspiring some curiosity and introspection: what is my resolution for this year? What do I want to focus on for the next 365 days?

A million things came to mind: eat 2014 carrots (which is a cop out because we all know that’s low-balling my carrot consumption), visit every museum in NYC, get rid of all my clutter, learn how to tap dance, the list could go on because I live in a constant mental state of seeking self-improvement. At any given time, I have a mile-long list of things I want to learn/change/improve about myself to the point that I often get overwhelmed with all of the things I want to do! I’ve always considered this to be one of my best qualities: never complacent, always striving to be the best *me* possible. Why take the escalator when I can climb the stairs? Why take the train when it’s just a 20 minute walk? Why stay in and snuggle with Netflix on Friday night when I can go be a rockstar for my friends? Doing the harder thing is *usually* the better one (according to me).

I’ve been home with my sister (hallelujah) for a few weeks now, and my dad, and between talks with them and all this down time I’ve had to reflect, I’m starting to think maybe that isn’t the case. Maybe all this “striving for self-improvement” is actually hiding my feelings of inadequacy. This perpetual desire to be a better me has unconsciously made me see myself as *needing* to improve, to be better, because right now I’m not enough. And frankly, it has made me kind of unhappy. And not myself. Sometimes, I’ve strayed from my core values of happiness, love, empathy, and positivity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “you’re just so happy!” “I love how you’re always positive.” I think I’ve heard it so many times that instead of it being my instinct, it has become an expectation that I feel I need to fulfill.

What I want to resolve for 2014? Above all, I want to clean out the clutter. Not from underneath my bed, but from inside my head. All of that *crap*, the unfair expectations of myself, the need to always be better, and the feeling of needing to fulfill other people’s expectations. I roll my eyes when my mom says it at least once a day, but I truly think the key to satisfaction is one word: simplify. My brain is perpetually in 23 different places at once, and often I forget about myself somewhere in there.

My list of resolutions (for real.)

1) Make time for myself. Paint my nails and give myself 30 minutes to let them dry. Do my hair and spend a few extra minutes on my makeup. Take a bubble bath once in awhile. Let myself roast veggies for dinner instead of the quick alternative. I rarely do any of these things because my instinct is to choose the quickest option so I can increase efficiency and use my time doing something else (usually FOR someone else). Efficient = better. But I’m happiest when I can breathe and give myself sometime. The only person responsible for my happiness is me, so 2014 is the year of giving myself some attention.

2) Create clear fitness goals and stick to them. My blog started last year as a way to keep myself in check when training for a half-marathon. The training process was quite stringent and after I finished the race, I decided to be more relaxed with my exercise. Run when I want to, go to the gym when I want to, switch things up with some yoga. The goal was to still exercise as frequently (5-6 days/week) but to do it on my terms. But when I no longer had a clear reason to get out the door, my fickle brain made everything too complicated. I’m too tired right now, I’ll go to the gym after class. Well now I’m too tired to work out. Now I’m too hungry. It’s too cold. I have too much homework. Now I feel guilty about not going. Now it’s 9 pm and I haven’t left for the gym. Now I’ll go, but I wasted way too much of my mental well-being getting there. With a clear goal, I know I have to do something and so I do it. THere’s no other motivation necessary. I hope to get to a point where I don’t have this mental strife, but for now, I’m going to accept the fact that my intrinsic motivation isn’t quite working.

My first goal? Mudderella! A few girlfriends and I are going to be doing this awesome, women empowerment mud obstacle course in May and I want to be badass enough to finish the race with a smile and triumph, not panting and relieved it’s done.

And that’s why I’ve returned to the vegesaurus… to log my training! I had so much fun blogging last year, even if there were only 2 or 3 people reading each post. It’s completely self-indulgent and while I would normally tell myself that’s stupid and I shouldn’t do it, I’m going to look toward my first resolution and give this to myself. Because you know what? YOLO is true.


I look forward to getting back here, training, cooking, loving, and making lame puns.


xoxoxoxoxoxo forever


Day 77 (13.1 miles later!!!)

Happy Monday!

It was a pretty uneventful weekend…


I ran a half-marathon!!
After 77 days and 11 weeks of preparation, lots of running and tough motivation, some silly blogging, I’ve finally accomplished my goal.

I woke up yesterday morning with butterflies in my stomach. Saturday night found very little sleep, as I’d somewhat expected. My training plan explained that it’s more important that you get sleep *2* nights before the race because really, everyone’s nervous the night before the race and will inevitably be tossing and turning. I just couldn’t stop thinking: “I *know* I’ve prepared the best I could, but I just cannot fathom DOING this!”

But I woke up at 5:45 yesterday morning, turned on some JT to wake up my family and get myself pumped, made some coffee, drank my chia fresca that I’d made the night before, ate my bagel with almond butter and an apple, then headed off to the race.

Word for the wise: if you’re going to a race with 5,000 runners, there WILL be traffic, no matter how early you think you’ll be.

Fairfield had a sweet set up where you could park at the train station and shuttles would bring runners and spectators over to the beach. Oh yeah, the race started and ended on the beach. Thank God, too, because that 84 degree heat would have been unforgivable without the Long Island Sound breeze.

I made my way over on the shuttle, picked up my number (2453!!! my new lucky number), checked my bag, scrambled to find an open port-o-potty, and made it to the starting line with about 3 minutes to spare. But who’s counting?

starting line selfie made possible by my decision to bring crookshanks (my phone)

starting line selfie made possible by my decision to bring crookshanks (my phone)

It’s hard to describe how I was feeling when the announcer said “We are 30 seconds from starting, folks!” Somewhere between excitement, nerves, fear, and yet a sense of calm– I was ready to do this.

And off we went! I kept reminding myself during that first bit not to let my adrenaline get the best of me and to keep my pace– even if I felt unstoppable. That’s one thing that NMA always stresses to be aware of because you’ll be sorry for it 10 miles later. So I jaunted along that first mile, smiling at the spectators and their awesome signs (my favorite of which was a little girl holding a sign that said “Worst Parade EVER” lolz). I finished mile 1 in a little over 11 mintes: exactly on track. I wasn’t very thirsty but heard the voice in my head reminding me that the ideal is 1 cup of water every 15 minutes. In this heat, even with as much shade as there was, I knew it would be essential. You know what’s ridiculously hard? Drinking out of a paper cup while running. I’m putting it on my top 5 most challenging things list.

I had overheard someone saying at the starting line that there were 2 big hills at the beginning, so as I was running my second mile, I kept an eye out. Then there it was– a total monster. But whatever, I’ve climbed some huge hills in my town training, so I just went into it with a positive attitude. And then it was done!

I kept about the same pace and when I hit mile 7, I started to get excited. Over halfway there!!! AMAZING! Holy crap I’m half way to becoming a half-marathoner. But that means there’s still 6 to go… To keep my head in a positive place, I turned that around by saying yeah, then at the end of this mile it’ll only be 5, and then when I finish 9, just 4, then after that I’ll have done 10 which I’ve killed before, and it’ll be less than a 5k left!!

At mile 9, I remembered that I had gotten my period the day before. Oh yeah, I’d almost forgotten because in terms of my reproductive system, I felt physically awesome. Next port-o-potty I came upon, I stopped, took care of business (thank God for my waist pack and the room I had to bring stuff) and made my way. I hated to stop to waste probably 30 seconds of my time. But oh well!

The last 3 miles (or no man’s land, since never before had I run more than 10 miles), I started to feel like I really was about to finish a half-marathon. Except then every mile felt like they were taking forever. I kept thinking I’d be coming up on mile 11 when in reality it was probably only 10.3. But it really started to feel real when the spectators started saying things like, “this is the last corner!” “You have less than 2 miles!” “you’re about to do what you came here for!” And I was READY.

Suddenly I turn the corner and see the huge crowds. I can’t see the finish line though.

Embarrassing Caitlin moment: I saw the huge banner that was the starting line and in my moment of adrenaline thought that was the finish line. So I get that “sprint this last bit and give it all you got because it’s all you need!!!” run going and people are cheering, and then I pass through it, and everyone around me is still shuffling along. That’s when I see the huge firetruck ahead with the American flag and hear the announcer up *there*. Oh. Guess I need to find another energy store!

I did when at that moment I saw my mom and my sister cheering me on. I booked it until I crossed the line and then that was it. I DID IT!

Holy crap. I just ran a half-marathon. I actually started crying a little. Then I started to feel the muscles in my legs in a way that I never knew was possible. But then I realized that my mouth was crazy dry and my shorts were a mess, so I limped to the water station and the bathroom then reunited with my family. They were so proud of me and frankly, I was crazy proud of myself. I still am. I ran a half-marathon. WHOA!!!!

IMG_3229 IMG_3227 IMG_3225

The saint that she is, my sister had my Vega bar waiting for me and I demolished it, as well as a banana and some “orange drink” that they had. I wish I had seen the baguettes they were giving out.

On our way back home, we grabbed smoothies at a cafe I had wanted to try called “Catch a Healthy Habit.” RIf you’re ever in Fairfield, GO THERE. I had a minty-chip smoothie with added avocado and protein. Deeeelish.

The rest of my day entailed a 3 hour car trip, bringing my sister to the doctor, and overall eating everything in sight. I literally could not be satiated. I can’t even begin to explain how much I ate. It got to the point where I was distressed at 10 last night because I just wanted to stop eating.I guess that’s what happens when you run for 2:27:58

After I watched Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon (arguably the most stressful event of my short life) I slept like I’d had anesthesia.


Things I’m really happy about re: the race:

1. I don’t think I could have been better nutritionally prepared. I didn’t feel any hunger or energy fatigue once throughout the race. Afterward, my stomach wasn’t the slightest bit upset (other than being completely ravenous all day) and there was no indigestion.

2. I never stopped jogging except for my 1 bathroom break and to actually get a sip of water without spilling it all over myself. Throughout the race, most people I saw stopped to walk parts of it. I’m sure their times weren’t any better or worse because of it since they were probably able to run faster when they were running, but my goal was endurance. I kept telling myself “I didn’t come to walk a half-marathon, I came to run it.”

3. I kept a positive attitude the whole time. At mile 2, I overheard a spectator saying “They look a lot different when they come around the second time,” meaning that when runners passed by his house again around mile 11, there was a lot less cheer. I told myself that I would look just as happy as I did the next time around, and that’s the attitude that fueled me throughout the race. I started with a smile and I finished with one too! And frankly I think it’s the only thing that pushed me to the end. I know that as soon as I would have told myself it was too hard or that I can stop if I want to, my body would have physically tired. Telling myself I could do it was what made it true.

4. My muscle soreness is almost entirely gone. My glutes and my quads are a little spicy, and my left knee is feeling slightly weak. But other than that, I’m sure I could do a full workout today (even though I’m not because hey my body deserves a break… it earned it!!) And I owe my body’s recovery 100% to my veganism and my training.

5. 3 months ago, I set a goal that seemed so far off and impossible. Running 4 miles was a stretch. But I did it! It’s proven to me that anyone can become a runner, or accomplish any goal they set– truly. I can remember 8th grade gym class, when we had to do “The Mile.” It was a treacherous day that I struggled to overcome and felt terrible after. But here I am, a half-marathoner!

Now I have to figure out what to accomplish next!

My half-marathon blogging is over, but I may just continue sharing my health and fitness stories on here. But we’ll see.

Because now, I’m taking a movie day. Brave? Good Will Hunting? This is the End? All of the above?

thanks for reading and letting me be weird and sweaty,

xoxo caitlin

Days 75 + 76 (the end is nigh!!!)

Hello from Connecticut!!!!!

Photo on 6-22-13 at 5.22 PM

My mom, sister, and I just arrived at our hotel after our road trip from the cape and are lounging in our obscenely comfortable beds. (Can I take it home with me or is that frowned upon?)

Yesterday was my final day of training before the race; my training plan indicated “1-2 miles”, so I set out around 10 am towards the park by my street and just enjoyed the run, not paying attention to my pacing or my distance. It ended up being around a mile and a quarter at about about 9min/mile pace and just incredibly pleasant. The sun was shining, so when I got back to my house I just collapsed on my lawn and “stretched” (lay there like a dead person and take selfies).






Because I didn’t have to work until 3:30 yesterday, I took some time to experiment in the kitchen and finally got around to trying out Chocolate Covered Katie’s agar pudding. I went with chocolate orange, and blueberry. They were so good that I forgot to take a picture until I was 3/4 of the way done eating them. Whoops!

... + half-finished orange chocolate

half-finished orange chocolate

half -finished blueberry

and half -finished blueberry

And to continue with the pictures of half-eaten food, here’s the scone my beautiful princess of a friend Aleksa brought to me at work:


half-finished cranberry orange scone from the Underground Bakery

Today, I’ve been paying close attention to No Meat Athlete’s advice on day before and day of eating. Today is high carbo-loading (which I’m *hating*… oh wait no it’s the best thing in the universe) at lunch time, so I had a bagel with peanut butter and some extra pretzels, as well as some toast after my oatmeal at breakfast. And maybe a vegan peanut butter cookie from the Underground Bakery. Ok maybe I overdid it a little. You can’t just say *carbo load* and then expect me to do it moderately. I’m over it though because 1) yolo and 2) I’m worth it.

NMA advises against the typical pasta dinner carbo load, though, instead opting for a lighter nighttime fare. The ladies and I are going to take a trip down the street to the Whole Foods to a) grab supper from the salad/hot bars (again, YES PLEASE, considering i haven’t been to Whole Foods since school ended and the nearest one to my house is an hour away), b) grab something for me to have for breakfast early tomorrow morning (probably a bagel, some peanut butter, and some fruit), and c) check out the race route which is conveniently close to the Whole Foods. Meant to be.

So now, I’m drinking lots of water, trying to relax, and getting very very anxious for tomorrow. I still can’t fathom how it’s possible that my body is ready to run 13.1 miles.

Some concerns:

  • My legs are still a little spicy from the Nike event. Mostly my calves. I brought my rolling pin to try to roll them out tonight so we can only hope that will help.
  • The forecast is calling for sunshine and 84 degrees. Holy hot tamales.
  • I’ve never done a big road race before, so frankly I have no idea what the set up is like or where to have my mom and sister go to wait for me.
  • Mother nature decided today would be a good time to give me that oh so female gift. Seriously, so unnecessary mama nature!!!

But there are so many silver linings:

  • There’s a big beach party at the end of the race with snacks, smoothies, and discounted athletic apparel!
  • The race is huge! 5,000 runners and spectators and music along the way.
  • In addition to peeps and music, the race has aid stations every mile with water, gatorade, and even some snacks. And toilets, hallelujah! I’ve never run with any of these amenities so close– I feel like I’m being spoiled.
  • Tomorrow by noon, I will be a half-marathoner!!!!

I have no idea how I’ll feel tomorrow morning, or at the starting line, and definitely not at the starting line. All there’s left to do is make it to the starting line by 8:30 am and just RUN!



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blood sweat and CHEERS,


Days 72 + 73 + 74 (#trainfree)

The past 2 days have been insane amazing unreal absurd EPIC.

I mentioned on Tuesday that I was ok my way back to NYC for an awesome ever with Nike. And holy cow, it was awesome!!

Day 72: The event was for women to put their new Free Bionic shoe to the test, doing high intensity training (HIT) workouts in super public places around Brooklyn. Boy did Nike hook us up. On Tuesday night, my friends Ilse, Christina, Kelly, and I arrived at the Nike Flatiron running store to pick up our gear. It included: a sweet bag, some sports bras (one is orange polka dot. They get me.), 2 awesome tops, a great pair of shorts, the Nike Free Bionic shoe.


Thanks for the free juice!


The mannequins were modeled after us.


How could we not smile with all that awesome Nike gear??

But the cherry on top: a fuel band!!!

I’m obsessed with this thing. It’s an amazing tool that syncs up with your Nike+ account and tracks your steps taken, calories burnt, and the fuel points you gain throughout your day. Plus it’s a sweet watch. There’s so many amazing things you can do with this thing too like setting daily goals, killer Nike+ missions, or if you’re like my friends and me, get way too competitive about who gets the most fuel points each day.


Day 73: The event started at 7 pm, so my day was spent being a tourist, finally checking out the skyline (not before getting a peanut butter donut from Dunwell Donuts, of course)(hey, I’m carbo loading for the race! It’s all a sacrifice, I swear.), doing lots of reading in the sun, suffering from a sunburn because of it, and just touring the city I call home.


My donut that kicked off my pre-race carbo load, but meant oh so much more.


We were told to meet at the East River, rocking our new Nike swag and ready for the night of our lives. Upon arriving with my friend Kelly, hoping we would know where everyone was meeting, we were greeted by this:


WE WERE LITERALLY *ON A BOAT* At that moment, all I could think was:

what is my life.

We boarded the boat and were immediately out on the deck doing a dynamic warm up to awesome pump up music (Iconopop? I’ll do some butt kicks to that!) and were on our way over to the BK. After multiple dance parties and checking our bags, we were back on the boat, headed to our HIT workout with our respective teams. My team ended up right by the Brooklyn Bridge, on a boardwalk swimming with people. We were essentially a fitness flashmob. And let me tell you, those were 30 minutes of some serious HIGH intensity.

It was amazing!! Not only was it a great workout, but I have to say, working out with so many strong and motivating women while people witnessed the fitness was incredibly empowering. Yeah, we’re women– now watch us kick ass!!


One of the most BA people I know– my friend Christina.

Once we had seriously HIT it a bus took us to our after party, where hair and makeup was done for whomever wanted it, hors d’oeuvres were served to famished ladies, and most importantly: we celebrated our awesomeness! The winners were announced (alas, not my team but we still kicked butt!), trainer to the celebs as well as David Wilson from the Giants made appearances, and with that, our Nike fun came to a close.


Celebrating our HIT success with some strong and incredible women!– Me, Ilse, Kelly, and Christina.


A snapchat I sent to the majority of the people I know. I have no regrets.

According to my running plan, Day 73 was meant to be a 3 mile run. I’m okay with my substitution.

Day 74: Today was a rest day! Thankfully, too, because I had a nice 6 hour bus ride back home. En route, though, I got to stop in Cambridge to see my beautiful and perfect friend Allie and FINALLY go to Veggie Galaxy. We’ve been talking about it for months now, and now that I’ve been, I never want to go anywhere else. I got this awesome vegan eggs benedict, and Allie got a vegan omelette. Heaven.


2 of my favorites: Allie and Breakfast food.

And now I close out Day 74, looking forward to my 2 mile run tomorrow and to 3 days from now when I run a freaking half-marathon.

I’m seriously in need of a good night sleep.

xoxo cat cat kitty cat caitlin